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"Boys & Doves"


Photographer: Anne Geddes

Title: “Boys & Doves”

Year: 1993. From Anne: "The boys are James, Diontah, Niam, Greg and Mutunga (aged from 7 to 10 years). Not only were they very excited about taking part in the shoot, they were also very keen to see the trained doves. I remember thinking, “If there’s a recipe for potential chaos, this must be it”. Apart from having to persuade them to put their arms around each other, my main objective was to keep them all relatively calm and focused while they had the doves on their heads. But I needn’t have worried because they were wonderful. Halfway through the shoot, one of them said to me “Will the doves do anything on our heads?”. “Of course not, they’re trained” I said (with my fingers crossed). The boys smooth, rich and silky skin texture contrasts perfectly with the whiteness of the doves, sending a message of perfect peace and harmony - so relevant to our times".

Medium: Silver gelatin print, selenium toned
Image size: 13.2 x 20 inches
Paper size: 20 x 24 inches
Edition: Edition of 25 (plus 5 Artist’s proofs)
Authenticity: A certificate of authenticity is available

Note: A “Vintage Print" means that the whole edition of 25 (plus 5 Artist’s Proofs) were printed within 12 months of the image being created.

All images and artwork designs by Anne Geddes are copyright Anne Geddes and may not be reproduced in any way whatsoever without permission. All rights reserved worldwide.