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"Emily holding Thompson"


Photographer: Anne Geddes

Title: "Emily holding Thompson" (Vintage print)

Year: 1999. From Anne: "Celebrating the mystery and the miracle of new life. This is Emily holding newborn Thompson. Emily was not a professional model. At the time she was working as my darkroom assistant, but I thought that with her delicate beauty, she had the perfect look and body language to carry off this image. We rehearsed with Emily the day before the shoot to get the lighting exactly right, and experimented with one of the dolls I keep in my studio specifically for this purpose. Everything needs to be precisely prepared before the 'real' baby comes to the studio, and I knew that once we had Thompson asleep with Emily, chances were that I would only have one opportunity to get it right. 

Thompson was already naked and asleep after being fed by his mother. When he was in a deep sleep, we placed a hidden absorbent cloth against Emily’s tummy as a makeshift diaper for Thompson and slowly curled him into Emily’s waiting hands. Then we carefully moved the fabric up and around them and fastened it firmly out of sight behind Emily’s back. In this way, Thompson was gently supported by both Emily and the fabric. As we watched, Thompson stirred slightly, then snuggled into Emily and relaxed into sleep. It was amazing to see him slowly resume a fetal position. I thought, “How pure is that!”.

Medium: Vintage silver gelatin print, selenium toned
Image size: 21 x 16 inches
Paper size: 24 x 20 inches
Edition: Edition of 25 (with 5 Artist’s proofs)
Authenticity: A certificate of authenticity is available

Note: A “Vintage Print" means that the whole edition of 25 (plus 5 Artist’s Proofs) were printed within 12 months of the image being created.

All images and artwork designs by Anne Geddes are copyright Anne Geddes and may not be reproduced in any way whatsoever without permission. All rights reserved worldwide.