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“Twins, Samuel & Ryan”


Photographer: Anne Geddes

Title: “Twins, Samuel & Ryan” (Vintage Print)

Year: 2000. From Anne: "Newborn twins, Samuel & Ryan are identical, and I wanted to portray them as mirror images of each other.  Some images may look very simple, but actually can be quite difficult to achieve.  And of course working with babies means perfect results are never guaranteed.  Here’s how this image was done.  Both babies were fast asleep after being fed, and we gently moved them together on my lap, with their tiny legs overlapping and tummies together.  Then we wrapped them both with soft polar fleece fabric, which is also stretchy yet firm enough to keep them comfortably in an upright position.  My camera was already above the set on an especially constructed ledge with a hole for me to shoot down though.  Meanwhile, we carried the sleeping twins over to the set and surrounded them with a combination of soft wool and strands of raw silk.  Once the boys were in position I ran up the stairs to my ledge and caught my breath when I looked down, because I couldn’t ever have imagined they would look so perfect.  I love the shape of their round heads, their tiny ears and that soft, delicate newborn baby hair.  Sometimes magic happens unexpectedly and fleetingly.  And when that magic appears, like a gift, my hands are often shaking while I’m shooting".

Medium: Silver gelatin print, selenium toned
Image size: 16.6 x 16 inches
Paper size: 20 x 24 inches
Edition: Edition of 25 (plus 5 Artist’s proofs)
Authenticity: A certificate of authenticity is available

Note: A “Vintage Print" means that the whole edition of 25 (plus 5 Artist’s Proofs) were printed within 12 months of the image being created.

All images and artwork designs by Anne Geddes are copyright Anne Geddes and may not be reproduced in any way whatsoever without permission. All rights reserved worldwide.