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Owner/Curator, from early childhood, grew up around antiquities. This was a big part of his upbringing back in Tehran. His grandfather in the early 20’s would excavate 14th - 16th century pieces from remote areas in Hamedan (Shoshan) call it part of the genetics if you will. His love of antiquities has turned into a passion and has further cultivated his keen eye for American and European collectible pieces.  
APO has a broad range of followers, clients from EU to UAE, South America to South Africa.  APO not only offers a collection of pieces in-store but select items curated for clients to reach our global customer base.
“The rustier more patina the better!” He calls this the “soul and character”.  There is truth to that.
Authentic Preowned’s carefully curated goods include: Luxury Brands Resale such as GOYARD , Louis Vuitton, Industrial American & European aviation, Nautical, Militaria, Paintings & Photographs by world renowned Artists.  All of our stock is authenticated by an expert/experts with many years of experience in the industry.
The beauty of collectible LUXURY items is the quality craftsmanship that is put into every piece.  Our consigned brands are goods that we know that are expertly crafted  with high quality materials that can pass from one generation to another.  We curate each piece that passes through our hands and want to share the stories that each holds.
At Authentic PreOwned we believe collectability is also green and sustainable. 
What is sustainability?  It is an avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.  We believe in this and are proud to be a business that helps the environment by creating a circular economy, preserving the past and paying it forward.     
NEW YORK, NY 10012