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1964 Sears Allstate Scooter made by Piaggio / Vespa


1964 Sears Allstate Scooter made by Piaggio / Vespa 

Model # 788.94331 

125cc 4 Speed Manual Transmission 

Scooter was painted white at some point .  As pictured it was wet sanded back to as much of the original paint as possible and then sprayed with a satin clear coat. 

Brand new old stock seat cover and rear seat. 

All of the original parts taken off of the scooter. All of the parts used were NOS of top quality. Also have a spare tire mount and Haynes manual for it. Includes original keys.

 The motor has been completely rebuilt and has about 15-20 miles on it. All the seals were replaced, new piston, new clutch plates and cruciform. Starts right up. Runs and shifts great.  Carb was rebuilt and all of the rubber components are new.  All of the cables have been replaced (clutch, brake and throttle).  New headlight and tail lights in original housings.  New speedo cable and new horn.  Everything on the scooter works. The gas tank has been cleaned and sealed. New muffler. New floor rails and mat. Shows 5191 on the odometer. The only thing the scooter really needs is tires.  It's sporting the original cruiseaire tires and they are very cool but also dry rotted.  They hold air but slowly leak down would replace them before I ride it.