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Antique 16th-17th Century Gargoyle Building Sculpture


This is a 17th-18th century Gargoyle likely from a Cathedral or from a prominent tall building in New York City. There are no repairs but a few small broken parts which could easily be repaired or just kept as is.

Gargoyles served a dual purpose. One was to evacuate the water from the foundation as to not undermine it with centuries of flow , and two was to ward off evil spirits from tall structures in New York City and around the world. They warded off evil spirits with the water rushing down their backs and out of their mouths as well as with their foreboding appearance. The word Gargoyle comes from the Latin root of throat which is a metaphor for the movement of water.

Approximate weight: +/_   300 lbs.

Dimensions: 33 X 17 X 13