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Vintage Model Ship


Vintage Battleship Model, HMS Nelson, made of bronze or brass and wood. This is a big model, and believed to be of the HMS Nelson or a Nelson class battleship, which were built in 1923 & used during the World War II. The guns swivel along with some of the other parts are removable. The top part of the ship is bronze or brass with an aged patina. The hull is carved wood and the base shows some flaking and chips but good condition for the age. Under the guns there are two screws to allow and separate/remove the top for the lights inside. The model was rewired & to light it needs a transformer as the bulbs only light up with a 3 volts charge. It probably needs new bulbs and a transformer.There is an empty hole next to the smoke stack. One small gun has oxidation.The Model has a commanding presence and really well made.