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Vintage Trophy Oar-Princeton-Henley Royal Regatta-Light Weight Winners-Thames Challenge Cup-1951


Vintage Trophy Oar-Princeton- Henley Royal Regatta-Lightweight Winners Thames Challenge Cup-1951

Size: Over 9' Long 

The oldest trophy oars that are on record go back to the early Oxford and Cambridge ‘Boat Races’ in the 1850’s, a few blades survived that contained a few rows of text on an plane blade. Later blades are perhaps most familiar to us as they are the traditional model for many of the 20th century trophy oars that grace the public schools, old rowing clubs and even residential colleges at our universities. The tradition on the trophy oar still exists today. Typically, these oars are created each year to celebrate the major public school races and even some of the club events. The winners of major international events such as the Olympic Games and the World Championships are also often preserved on the medium of an oar.